Diane Guertler


My approach to my clients is lifestyle-centered for total fitness. After a successful interior design and real estate career and raising my family, I personally realized in my 40’s the mental and physical benefits of training for over 10 years and the positive effects it had on my life.  So I changed careers and went to professional personal training school to get the best and most respected certifications to share my passion and experience with others. 


I meet my clients exactly where they are, and focus on what they want to improve their health and wellbeing. This could be overall strength, building confidence, weight loss or “firming things up to feel better about one’s self ”. And that’s going to look a little different for everyone! So it might mean: …designing a basic exercise plan to help someone transition from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one, creating a fitness program for a new mom, devising a time-efficient exercise program for a busy corporate client, getting a mom ready to look her best for the “big” wedding, or focusing on strength, energy, and flexibility for the avid golfer.


Seeing my clients’ bodies, energy, attitudes and lives improve… the smile on their face when they feel muscle they didn’t have before! Or the compliment they received… especially when that compliment is “you look great” .When my clients are happy and feel good , that is success.


Certifications – ASCM, FMS. AED & CPR Certified


Interests – Training, Cooking, Paddle boarding, Swimming


Personal Training