OPT Physical Therapy

Expert Care in P.T. That ‘Gets You Back in the Game’ and is more Cost-Effective

OPT Physical Therapy is a locally owned and operated Award-Winning Private Practice offering advanced care of Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. Based on community outreach, OPT has grown from what was the 2007 “Small Business of the Year” to the 2015 “Large Business of the Year” given by the Newport County Chamber of Commerce. OPT was established in 2000, and has been built up to 6 offices in Southern RI. Our communities have recognized this effort and OPT was awarded the “Champions for Children” Award as well as being inducted into the RI Football Coaches Hall of Fame based on Community Involvement and support. OPT was formerly known as Olympic Physical Therapy from 2000-2012.

Known for its tagline of “Strengthening our Communities”, OPT offers Fellowship Trained Doctors of Physical Therapy with advanced training in areas such as certified Functional Manual Reaction, Sports Therapy for all areas such as golf fitness, baseball science, running research and the OptoGait dynamic Gait Analysis system, among many others. We

have Fall Prevention for the elderly, spine care and rehab based state-of-the-art Functional approaches that help the patient return to activity sooner and at a lower cost per episode. We have Sports camps for strength and conditioning, and we offer Athletic Training services at multiple RI High Schools.

Long known as the leaders of P.T. service on Aquidneck Island and in Newport County, OPT understands that the patient is looking for expertise and value in a P.T. that is close to home or work. We also know you want the continuity of working with your P.T. in a hands-on, individual approach. Our care is a more active therapy with a very functional strategy to get you moving better, feeling better and back in the game of your choice.

BTF members and friends can contact us at our Middletown office at 845-0840, and we encourage you to go online at OPT-RI.COM for more information.

Amy Glashow


Amy Glashow is a physical therapist specializing in dry needling and manual therapy. She is one of the few physical therapists in the area practicing this sub-specialty. Having this area of expertise is a testament to her tireless pursuit of excellence in the field of orthopedics and pain management.  Amy graduated from Rockhurst University with a master’s degree in physical therapy in 1994. She has been practicing for over 20 years in hospital and outpatient settings. She believes non-surgical management of musculoskeletal conditions is key in returning one back to a healthy lifestyle.